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Sunday, March 11th 2007


Waiting for the Snow to Melt

Yesterday we officially hit the “in-between” part of the year. We had about five hours of freezing rain and then temperatures rose with the passage of the warm front to above freezing. Today it was bright sunshine and well above freezing. I think XC skiing season is pretty much done. We often spend this time of the year doing indoor skating at some of the city’s arenas, during “public skating” sessions.

Of course this freezing rain and now spring weather means that the snow has turned to ice and is rapidly melting. All we can do is keep the street’s drains clear and let it all run away. Weather forecasts for the rest of the week predict warmer temperatures, so it looks like spring has arrived. Once the puddles are off the streets it will be cycling season!

GPS Mount

Just a couple of small jobs to do today. First was trying to find a place to mount the handheld GPS set. We want to be able to carry our Garmin GPSmap 96 to find out top and average speeds for future trip planning, as well as distances travelled. The GPS set also records routes travelled and allows you to see them on a mapping program at home. The problem has been finding a place to locate the GPS mount. It only fits on a round tube and the Rhoades car is made almost entirely of 2 inch square tube. After trying it several places today I settled on a place that will work – the mount is clamped to the round tube below the gear shift levers with the GPS parallel to the driver’s side main tube. There are photos on the gallery.

Night Reflectors

The other task was to finish up preparing the quadracycle for night riding. The Ontario Highway Traffic Act requires not only white and red lights, but also white and red reflectors. It is probably smart anyway. I had some red Scotchlite reflective sticker material which I cut up for the rear bumper and picked up a Scotchlite sticker kit at MEC for the front bumper as well. It looks good and should be pretty easy to see at night now!

I think we are all set for almost any adventure – now we just need the snow and ice to finish melting and the streets to dry out.

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