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Sunday, April 22nd 2007


A Really Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was amazing weather. Normally the highs on this date are 11C, making it “jacket weather” and both days we hit 23C. It was sunny and warm!

Of course we decided to take advantage of the weather and get out and do some quadracycling. We rode around the local neighbourhood without any problems.

We are quickly getting used to the gear shifting and anticipating stops and hills, just like on a bike – there are just more gear levers to shift down when you are stopping.

We had quite a number of people wave and shout out support and positive comments. No negative reaction from drivers this trip, with the possible exception of one taxi who wanted to do somewhat over 80 km/hr on Lorri Greenberg drive (which is 50 km/hr and probably should be 40). We are starting to get less apologetic about taking street space from the cars. My thought lately has been “If you don’t like us being in your way on the main streets then you had better get used to it – there will be more quadracycles soon!”

We gave out quite a number of cards to people who stopped us and asked questions. Almost everyone said the same thing: “I’ve never seen anything like it!” We’ve had several e-mail inquiries, too.

One three year old who saw us at South Keys Mall pulled on her Dad’s pants and said, “Looky – I want one!”

Of course while we seem to still be the only quadracycle in Ottawa we know we will turn heads. We hope there will be a day when there will be so many quadracycles that no one will even look up when one passes by. We aren’t there yet. In the meantime we are stopping often to answer questions. It is fun to do that.

So altogether we biked about 2.5 hours this weekend. Not sure how many kilometres, as we didn’t bring the GPS with us, probably about 45 km. We are finding that we don’t really want to go fast, even though the quadracycle can cruise on a flat road at over 22 km/hr quite comfortably without getting us winded. On the pathways and back roads going a bit slower is nicer.

We are also finding that unlike on a pair of bikes we can chat while we ride. The seating is close and the wind noise non-existent. It is a very sociable way to get around and stay in shape.

We tried taking some portraits of the two of us on the quadracycle, using a timer on the camera. The results weren’t too bad.

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