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Sunday, May 27th 2007


The Slow-Moving Vehicle Sign

Since the CBC documentary in which the Ottawa Police received some advice from MTO that quadracycles are allowed on the roads in Ontario, but have to have a “Slow-Moving Vehicle” sign on the back, we have been looking for one to install.

Finally we located a selection of them at Princess Auto – that great store for finding unusual items. Yes they had three different types – a stick-on label version and ones mounted on metal and plastic backings. We opted for the plastic-backed one to save weight and simplify mounting. Total cost was $6.99 plus tax.

At home I mounted the SMVS on the back of the bin we always carry using two-sided self-adhesive Velcro – just peel and stick. There really isn’t anywhere else to put it, as the SMVS is quite large.

I actually like the way it looks – the thin frame and low profile of the Rhoades Car doesn’t make it stand out on the road and the sign really makes it more conspicuous.

Trying It Out

We went out cycling today, even though the forecast was for a day of rain, starting later in the morning. We covered a number of miles in the local area and then went to Loblaws to pick up some groceries. As usual we got lots of waves and supportive comments from the people we passed out for early morning walks.

It did start to shower a bit on the way to Loblaws and I was curious to see how the quadracycle would do on the wet roads.

It actually did very well. The steering was unaffected and the brakes worked fine, too. That is the advantage of disc brakes on a bike!

This time I parked in a regular car parking spot at the mall, instead of at the bike racks. It was early Sunday morning so there wasn’t much competition for spots. We finished the shopping run, put the groceries in the bin and headed home.

In the garage I wiped the quadracycle down and dried it off – after all the miles we have put on it in the last few weeks it needed a bit of a wash anyway!


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