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Sunday, May 6th 2007


Practical Uses

This past Saturday we decided to go for a quadracycle ride. We were going to head further a field and explore some new housing areas south of the city, but the north wind was up and we decided to stick closer to home. We have found that the quadracycle is affected by wind to a greater extent than a bike is, due to the frontal area. Headwinds slow you down noticeably, while tailwinds really let you get moving fast.

So we decided to ride in the local area and also to do some errands too. This was chance to try out the practical value of the vehicle.


After touring the area streets for some exercise we headed to the local library to take out a couple of DVDs, to try on our new Ubuntu PC. That was easy – we just pedalled into the parking lot and parked in a car-parking space. Ruth stayed with the quadracycle while I went in and picked out a couple of CDs, but we could have locked it up and both gone.

Coffee & Lunch

Next we headed over to South Keys Shopping Centre to have coffee and some lunch. We went to Second Cup and again parked in a car parking space, on quite a slope, too. I set both parking brakes and they held fine.

Lots of people gawked at the quadracycle as it was parked there and we had lunch on the patio nearby.

Grocery Shopping

Next we pedalled through the parking lot and parked at the bike rack at Loblaws. The rack is up a ramp on a raised section of concrete. The quadracycle handled the slope just fine. Ruth was tired and so elected to stay with the vehicle while I went in to pick up some heavy grocery items – two litre containers of juice and soda water and some other bulky items.

When I returned I just put the groceries in the single Rubbermaid Roughtote 68L bin we always leave on the back – lots of room. There is room for a total of three bins, but we rarely use more than one.

From there we went home. We got lots of exercise, but also managed to use the quadracycle to pick up some heavy and bulky items, a task it excels at.


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