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Sunday, June 10th 2007


On the Colonel By Drive

Today was an amazing day! The weather has been perfect this weekend – clear and sunny. Ruth and I decided to head out and bike into town on the Colonel By Drive, which is closed to motorized traffic for Alcatel Bike Sundays all summer from 0900-1300 hours.

We got the quadracycle out of the garage and left home at 0837 hrs. We cycled through the back roads to get to the south end of Colonel By Drive at Hogs Back at 0907 hrs. The crowds weren’t too bad as we started off, but it was clear that this was a perfect day for a ride and the Drive would be busy as the morning wore on.

We took our time and made a number of halts for water. Every time we stopped we had other people stop with us and ask us questions about the quadracycle. We were happy to hand out cards and answer questions.

There was a walk-a-thon starting out near Dow’s Lake and we stopped to listen to the music and watch everyone getting ready to start.

With the rather long stops and all the conversations it took us a while to get into town, but we were having fun, meeting people and taking lots of photos as we went.

Once we were nearing downtown we decided to duck off the route and go through the University of Ottawa and stop on Laurier Avenue. This put is very close to the Second Cup there, which Ruth had in mind as a destination. She was having hallucinations about a new thing called an “Icepresso”. I guess it met her expectations, because it froze half of her face off! After some photos there (see our gallery) we rejoined the milling throng on Colonel By Drive. It was getting pretty busy with people of all ages out biking, skating, even scootering (scooting?), jogging, walking baby carriages and more.

Finally we exited the parkway at the south end and rode the city streets back home, arriving at 1204, just in time for some lunch. We were getting pretty hungry as we had biked 29.1 km according to the GPS, which is a pretty good distance for us.

Overall we are getting very used to driving the quadracycle and getting it to do what we want it to. Shifting gears for both of us is now almost second nature.

We got a lot of great reactions to the quadracycle today; in fact we got nothing but great reactions. This was probably because we were out in the biking culture where everyone there can be expected to be biking enthusiasts. That certainly was the case today.

We are having great fun with our Rhoades Car 4W2PCP and have no problems with it at all. That is really great for a new vehicle – no “teething troubles”. All we have really done with it so far is clean it and oil it a bit.

Now that we have had our quadracycle on the road since April and have put hundreds of kilometres on it over three months I wanted to write a bit about our experiences with the options we chose. Hopefully I will get to this later this week in a separate diary entry.

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