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Thursday, July 12th 2007


Riverwood Park, Mooney's Bay & Hog's Back Falls

Today we decided to just do a local trip, but we still covered 21.2 km along the way. When you travel side-by-side with someone that you like it is easy to cover lots of ground without even noticing. Last night a cold front passed and that left the morning crystal clear and cool – a perfect day.

We left home and headed up to the Riverwood Park area. This is a park that borders the Rideau River, at least according to the map and I wanted to see what it looked like on the ground.

We cycled down there, sticking to the less travelled roads where possible. As usual we got lots of positive response from pedestrians, motorists, construction workers and other cyclists. Mostly they gave us a “thumbs-up” or yelled something like “love your bike!”. We are starting to get used to it!

We found the entrance to the park – a fairly steep slope on a gravel trail – it obviously isn't an operating park, but instead an undeveloped one, where people walk their dogs.

We found that the trails were just wide enough for us. In the lower gears we had no problem with the soft and uneven ground. Eventually we came to the end of the trail. It ended at a storm drain output into the river. The view is great up and down the river there, but the park is surprisingly remote. There was no one around.

After a few photos we decided to head back and tackled the steep hill that lead us down in the first place. In first gear we just made it up with both of us working at it, so it must have been about a 17% grade!

After that little adventure we headed off to explore some local neighbourhoods, gawk at the huge houses and finally pedal up to Hog's Back Falls. While sitting near the falls we met a guy who was riding an electric e-Bike. He said that he bought it at Canadian Tire! It weighed about 80 lbs, but he said that it gets about 60 km range on battery alone. You can also just pedal it or pedal with power assist. There are lots of interesting things being done in alternative transportation these days! That is all good stuff!

Next we made the short jaunt over to Mooney's Bay, where we had our picnic lunch. There was lots of activity at Mooney's Bay as the Beach Volleyball Tournament is this weekend and set-up was well underway. Judging by the number of porta-potties they are expecting a large crowd.

We answered questions about the Rhoades Car, talked to a few people and then biked home again.

The only negative part of the whole beautiful day was biking on Hunt Club Road. Just as we passed the “Share the Road” sign at Airport Parkway, as the bike lane we were using ended, some jerk honked at us from behind and yelled at us to get out of the road. I didn't get his whole plate number. He headed to a local common drug-drop area, so I guess he was late for something.

Check all our photos from today!

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