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Sunday, July 15th 2007


A Real Alcatel-Lucent Biking Sunday!

Yes, we got out on the Colonel By Drive today for a real Alcatel-Lucent Biking Sunday and cycled 30.0 km. This time it didn't rain (unlike last weekend) and the route was open (unlike on the Canada Day weekend). The weather was perfect, around 20C, although there was a bit of wind to contend with. It wasn't too hot or cold – you would think that there would have been more people out, although the crowds did pick up later in the morning.

This time we met lots of people using a number of innovative methods of participating in the bike day. Naturally there were the usual collection of joggers, walkers (including baby-carriage walkers and runners), lots of inline skaters, conventional bikes, some skateboarders and little kids on bikes with training wheels (quadracycles!).

We stopped and talked with one cyclist, Peter, who was riding a recumbent bike. This was a low-slung bike with under-seat steering and 105 gears. Neat bike!

We saw quite a number of people doing what I call “cross country skating”, that is in-line skating with ski poles. They will be well trained for ski season – coming up in less than six months now!

We saw one child riding a what I termed a “dual propulsion trike”. It was made of plastic and can be pedaled or pushed by a parent using a built-in handle.

We also saw some hand-powered trikes. The fellows riding them were certainly moving along pretty quickly. That looked like a pretty good upper body workout.

You certainly see some interesting things out on those Alcatel-Lucent Biking Sundays! Check out our photos from today.

Of course everywhere we pulled over for a break we had people stop and talk to us about the quadracycle. It is great conversation starter and there is certainly lots of interest in them. One cyclist thought a two-seater quadracycle might be a good solution for a spouse who isn't as athletic as he is. It might be a good start for her!

The Bike Sundays are great – we love getting out and doing them with the Rhoades Car – we always meet so many interesting people along the way and this time got to see some unusual ways of getting around.

I think if the pronouncements made this week by the UN's International Energy Agency come close to true we will be seeing lots more innovative and muscle-powered ways of getting around the city and soon, too.

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