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Monday, July 30th 2012


Gordon's New Sinner Comfort

Contributor Gordon Koppang has recently taken delivery of a new Sinner Comfort delta single-seat trike and trike and so we wanted to present his first impressions here:

We picked up the Sinner trike from Anno the importer on Monday!  It came in a surprisingly small box.  Fortunately, all the bits and pieces were there!  I’m tired from being out riding and fiddling and adjusting and cussing and swearing every night this week!  When one thing shifts, three things go out of adjustment.  Normal new bike
stuff, I guess.   

The good news?  Bumps that used to rattle my teeth on the Catrike are “barely there” on the Sinner.  I have climbed several shale hills with the Sinner and not even spun the tires!  Curb cuts?  I hardly notice curb cuts.  The Sinner rolls easily in and out of my balcony door and takes up very little space when standing on its tail at the foot of my bed.  Important considerations for an apartment dweller.  

The bad news?  The Sinner is a lot heavier than advertised!  Claimed weight 55 pounds; actual weight 67 pounds!  See attached pic off the Sinner on the scales at Greyhound.

Sinner is, perhaps, the least friendly maker to deal with if you’re not Dutch.  They make it clear (by ignoring emails or by emailing thoughtless and incomplete answers to questions) that they don’t give a damn about foreign customers.  I really wanted a delta with two-wheel-drive and a cargo rack, (that didn't cost 8 grand) so I hung in there with Sinner.  To the best of my knowledge, there are four delta trikes with built-in cargo capacity:
Sinner Comfort
Hase Lepus
Van Raam Easy Sport / Easy Rider
Lightfoot Greenway
The Lepus is so very expensive (and would require a differential and a Rohloff to get the gear range I need); the Lightfoot is too wide for my balcony door and has only one drive wheel.  Van Raam (also in Holland) seems to have an even smaller “presence” in the world than Sinner.  By process of elimination I kept coming back to the Sinner.  Would I have chosen differently if I had known about the weight?  Idle speculation now. 
I guess some things can only be learned “the hard way” (by paying and doing).  For instance, Sinner trikes only come with one or two front sprockets – never three.  I thought this was because Holland is flat.  When I asked Sinner if they could put a triple on my trike they said “Yes”.  In fact the frame of the Sinner is too wide to accommodate a triple.  The frame takes up space that the front derailleur needs to move through in order to shift between the three sprockets.  To get the triple to shift they had to remove the tiny screw that keeps the derailleur cage closed – and even then the cage rubs against the frame when trying to drop the chain onto the little (inner-most) sprocket.  Why didn’t they just tell me, that the frame will not accommodate a triple? 
As I’ve been telling people “Talk to me in two years and I’ll tell you how I like my new trike.”  It may take that long for me to learn the Sinner way of doing things, sort everything out and learn the Sinners strengths.
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