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Thursday, October 25th 2012


Sinner Comfort in the Snow

By Gordon Koppang

More than 20cm of snow has fallen in Lethbridge in the last couple of days. My Rhoades Car was pretty good in winter. The Sinner trike is as least a good – maybe even better. 

On October 24, 2012, I took my first winter ride with the Sinner trike. I headed for my friend Scott’s back alley where no plough ever goes.  I made it up and down the alley with no difficulty!  Then I rode down the sidewalk on 3rd Avenue to get to 13th Street and over to Save-On Foods. 3rd Avenue was terrible.  Every curb cut was blocked by a mound of snow or had a salty, sandy lake in front of it. I flipped over twice because I couldn’t see the curb cuts and got one rear wheel in the curb cut and the other bouncing up over the full curb.  Instant rollover.  Deep ruts of frozen slush obstructed every “crosswalk”.  I learned quickly to stand up and paddle the Sinner through places where the muck was just too deep for pedal power. I hoped that the Sinner would hook up as well on ice and snow as it does on sand and gravel.  I’m happy to say it does. The Marathon Plus tires (47-406) are semislicks, but they provide impressive traction.  

Without criticizing my tadpole trike, I can say with certainty that the Sinner is a better winter ride than the Catrike Villager.  Winter may prove to be the Sinner’s best season.  In winter, distances are short and speeds are low.  In winter all that matters is traction and comfort and the Sinner delivers plenty of both.  
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Posted by Ruth:

I hope you have many more great winter adventures in the Sinner. While you're at it, how about you send some snow here in Ottawa? ;)
Thursday, October 25th 2012 @ 17:31