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Tuesday, February 12th 2013


Six Months (1200km) with a Sinner Comfort

By Gordon Koppang

Things I like about the Sinner Comfort:

  • Good value.  Large rear rack, rear suspension and 2-wheel-drive included in the base price.  
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, Busch & Müller “Ixon Pure” front light, three aluminum fenders, Sigma 509 computer, bottle cage and spin bell all included.  The complementary rear light was junk. 
  • Quality components, fasteners and powdercoat.  
  • 80cm or 31.4 inches wide; fits through my balcony door.  
  • Stands completely upright on its rear rack and tires.  
  • High seat (Approx. 55 cm or 21.75 in.) makes for easy on and off. 
  • Height of rear rack makes packing groceries into cargo bag easy.  No more painful stooping.  
  • Suspension takes the roughness out of back alleys and curb cuts.
  • Permanent mounts for front and rear lights.
  • Amazing traction from full-time 2-wheel-drive.
  • Highly adaptable mid-drive gearing.  

Things I don’t like:

  • The weight!  30kg or 67 pounds!  Don’t let the 6082 aluminium alloy fool you.  
  • Three cassette sprockets used as spacers on the rear axle (Shame!).  
  • Limited fore and aft adjustment for final drive chain.  A tensioner is needed. 

Overall impression:

An excellent shopping trike.  Definitely not a sporting trike.  Think “perambulator” or “invalid carriage”.  Built for Comfort not speed.  Go slow and enjoy the ride.
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