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Tuesday, March 8th 2011


Quadracycling in 2011

We normally don't do much writing about quadracycling in March. More usually at this time of year we are out skiing! 

Last year we didn't use our Rhoades Car very often, preferring the speed and agility of our Catrikes instead. At the end of the season Ruth suggested selling the Rhoades Car to free up some garage space. The fact that we now have a small bike trailer to haul heavier items in even further reduced the need for the quadracycle. Initially I agreed, thinking that if we weren't going to use it we should pass it onto someone who will use it more. But then I considered that we aren't out of room and the quadracycle doesn't cost more than insurance money to own each year. 

I have to admit that ever since Rhoades Car refused to pay us for the commission sale we made, without explanation, I have been less charitably disposed to their products, but ours works fine, requires very little maintenance and that doesn't add up to a very good reason to sell it.

So I talked it over with Ruth and we have agreed to hang onto the quadracycle for another year and see if we can't get more use out of it. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a relatively dry summer to do some cycling in this year. We have some plans for some longer Catriking trips, but hopefully we can get the quadracycle out on the Colonel By Drive, which is really great fun!
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Posted by Lester@Adult Tricycle:

Just keep your quadracycle a little longer. That's no hurry to sell it away.
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 @ 10:01

Posted by Adam:

I agree, we will hang onto to it for at least this year!
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 @ 10:18