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Monday, July 11th 2011


Milk Run Quadracycling

Today we got the quadracycle out of the back of the garage where it has been sitting since I replaced the driver's side rear chain in the beginning of May and we took it for a real run of about 7 km. The trip was literally a  "milk run" to Giant Tiger to buy 8 litres of milk, an easy load for the quadracycle!

This time everything worked fine, including the new SRAM chain and we enjoyed the ride in the morning stillness around the quiet post-rush hour streets. It is impossible to beat the side-by-side quadracycle seating for the chance to get some exercise pedaling and chat with your companion while doing it.

Once again this year we haven't been using the quadracycle as much as we had wanted to. There are a number of reasons for this, including that it has been rather wet so far this summer, Ruth's health and also, with the quadracycle in the back of the hangar (garage) getting it out means removing everything else in the garage first. A two car width garage would be a better solution! The fact that Ruth loves her Catrike so much also contributes to the lack of use of the quadracycle; as fun as the quadracycle is Ruth prefers Catriking when she can.

Regardless of the excuses, now that the weather seems to be drying out hopefully we can get the quadracycle out a bit more often.
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