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Tuesday, November 15th 2011


End of the Quadracycling Season?

This fall has been incredibly warm and mostly fairly dry. For instance yesterday, 14 November 2011, hit +18C, which is almost "summer-like". While the weather is certainly enjoyable, from a climate change perspective it is unnerving.

So, disconcerting as it is, at least we have been taking advantage of the weather while we can. I have been mostly down sick since Thanksgiving, due to an intestinal bug that just won't quit, but with some antibiotics it now has receded enough to let me get outside for a while.

So with today a pleasant +12C Ruth and I decided to get out and do some quadracycling. We just went for a 15 km local ride, for the fun of it, pedaling around our local neighbourhood streets. We even detoured around some local recreational pathways, which were thankfully devoid of dogs on a weekday.

The trip went fine, with no mechanical issues and a a number of people waved to us, as we often find on our unusual vehicle. At least it almost always gets positive responses!

Back at home we took advantage of the quadracycle being out of the garage to give the garage a sweep out and at least remove last summer's dust and the autumn's leaves. The quadracycle may not get used again so we gave it a good oiling - chains, axle and steering rod so it will stay rust free all winter. Ruth carefully cleaned the seats. Then it was put away. 

We may get a chance to get the quadracycle out again this winter if the weather continues to stay warm, but as soon as the snow falls it will be away until spring. The City of Ottawa pours salt all over everything all winter, just on general principle, and that would rust out bikes all out, so they stay safely away until spring returns. Besides that, snow means skiing instead of cycling!
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