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Saturday, May 5th 2012


The 2012 Season Starts

Already this has been an odd year for weather. In mid-March we had hot summer weather, with temperatures close to 30C, but it only lasted a few days. Since then it has been cool and quite wet, which has precluded getting the Rhoades Car out of the garage.

This weekend though the temperatures have warmed up a bit reaching 15C by early afternoon. Ruth said, "let's get the quadracycle out" and so we did a milk run (literally) down to Giant Tiger for milk. All it took was some air in the tires and it was ready to go.

The ride was only 6 km round trip, but it was a good start to the season at least.

I had forgotten just how much attention the quadracycle gets when we ride it down the street and today was no exception, which lots of little kids saying "Looky mom..." We spend a lot of time waving to people.

Hopefully we will get a chance to get the quadracycle out a bit more this summer and perhaps even take it downtown on the Biking Sundays. Those are always fun to do.

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Posted by Matt:

I was sure you guys had said you were going to be selling that.
Friday, May 11th 2012 @ 13:59

Posted by Adam:

Friday, May 11th 2012 @ 18:02