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Sunday, May 13th 2012


Quadracycle Picnic

Finally the weather warmed up again and the rain has stopped!

Ruth's daughter, Rachael, is in Ottawa visiting us, so we all decided to take advantage of the nice day and packed up a picnic lunch and headed out for a cycle to a local park. Ruth took her Catrike Trail and Rachael and I took the quadracycle.

This was Rachael's first time on the quadracycle, but she got the hang of the gears fairly fast and enjoyed the ride. We went down back streets and then finally via a paved pathway to get there. We parked the cycles next to our picnic bench and had our picnic lunch under the shelter. We actually didn't need the shelter as it was a little bit cool out of the sunshine and there was no rain in sight.

After lunch Ruth and Rachael tried out the playground equipment and I shot a video of that before we played some frisbee.

Rachael decided that the quadracycle was fun enough that we took the long way home via some more back streets, the local library, more parks and some further cycle pathways. By the time we got home we had covered 10.3 km.

I am sure we will get the quadracycle out again soon, perhaps for the Bike Sundays on the Colonel By Drive, once those start in a couple of weeks.
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